Startup funding 101: Why unprofitability is not a sign of immediate failure

There are two ways to measure a startup’s viability in terms of profit: accounting profitability and unit economics profitability.

6 OFW business ideas

Filipinos working abroad are regularly on the hunt for the next venture they can invest their hard-earned money in, to make it all worthwhile somehow and with the hope that it will help them come home for good.

Top university alumni win Break the Fake Hackathon

The winners were able to create a network graph to track purveyors of disinformation by mapping out the relationships of fake news websites with each other.

Empowering drivers and turning them into entrepreneurs

Through the program, individuals can rent a van from one of Mober’s partners that they can use to accept delivery requests made on the Mober app. The drivers pay a daily amount depending on the type of van they rented, and after the five-year program, the van will be under their ownership.

Flying higher: ICATS celebrates 9 strong years with launch of new programs and scholars

The ICATS scholars (standing, in black and white suits) with ICATS co-founder and CE Princess Joy Garcia (seated, third from left) and Arth De Leon, co-founder and program and training head of ICATS (second from left) with trainers Naze Rivera, Cenn Nuyda, Norman Petel and training officer Jihan Christine Manlongat.

Freelance vs full-time

As exciting as the idea of the freedom that freelance work can offer, it is also a difficult challenge that one should deliberate on before undertaking such a lifestyle.

CAREERGUIDE.ph: Empowering employers and jobseekers

Back in 2005, The Philippine STAR first launched Career Guide in response to the needs and demands of a flourishing job market. Since then, it has been the preferred source of information for jobseekers looking for work and a reliable partner of employers looking for talented, qualified professionals. Continued rise in readership in 2008 led to an overhaul, transforming the jobs section to accommodate an expanded range of employment opportunities.

Misagh Bahadoran: From The Pitch to the Dentist Chair

Not only is he the top football player in the country today, playing for both the country and the team Global Football Club but he is also the face of many brands, and of course, the latest arm candy of model actress, Sam Pinto. Life seems to be going perfect for the model althlete but known to never be satisfied, he added another accomplishment to his growing list and that is the fulfillment of a childhood dream: putting up his own dental practice, the Global Elite Dental Clinic.