Misagh Bahadoran: From The Pitch to the Dentist Chair

03-Sep-2017   |   Azi Cosette Velasquez

Misagh Bahadoran seems to be everywhere lately.

Not only is he the top football player in the country today, playing for both the country and the team Global Football Club but he is also the face of many brands, and of course, the latest arm candy of model actress, Sam Pinto. Life seems to be going perfect for the model althlete but known to never be satisfied, he added another accomplishment to his growing list and that is the fulfillment of a childhood dream: putting up his own dental practice, the Global Elite Dental Clinic.

Unknown to many, Misagh completed a degree in Dentistry from Centro Escolar University before he pursued his football career with the Philippine Azkals. Misagh's story serves as an inspiration to many students graduating this year simply because it proves that you don't have to be boxed into one stereotype and measure of success, "Education is very important for me. Even when I was already gaining ground in the football world, I wanted to make sure that I had other options just in case something unexpected happened in terms of my football career. I have always had this desire to contribute to the Philippines in more ways than one and this is the perfect way to do it. This clinic also pays homage to my dad who passed away last year. I just want him to be proud of me by fulfilling a dream he has always has for me."

Misagh goes on to say that the clinic is running smoothly with the help of his partners, Dr. Sina Dabagh and Dr. Saman Emamdad who helps him run the practice while he is away on assignments with the national team.

The clinic, which is located in Makati, strives to give everyone an "elite smile" that they deserve. Misagh goes on to say, "We always take care of our bodies but it seems like teeth always comes last in terms of priorities. Global Elite Dental Clinic aims to provide Filipinos with dental care that leaves them feeling confident about themselves. We understand how important one's smile is and this is how we wish to empower them."

His success both on the field and off of it is proof that you don't have to be boxed into one career when it comes to pursuing your dreams. Misagh goes on to say, "You see most young graduates are afraid to pursue their dreams because it's not what they studied but in reality, you are in charge of your own life. Simply carve the path you want, pursue your passions relentlessely, and soon you will see that you are actually merging what you have studied and what you are currently doing. Don't worry about every single thing and simply enjoy life, it always works out!"


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