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This is the legacy of Mr. Jong Seop Choi (Chairman) and Mr. Young Kun Choi (Vice-Chairman). On 31th July 1996 Gloria Maritime and Agency, Inc. was given licensed to operate as a manning agency with 8 staff and 20 vessels only. Gloria Maritime and Agency Inc. provides and recruits competitive and excellent Filipino seaman to its widely diverse ship-owners world-wide. Our seafarers are experienced and trained to work on different types of vessels like, log/bulk carriers, woodchips, container, product tankers and currently Passenger Vessels, we are proud to say that we have almost 800 crew deployed on-board servicing our vessels. In the Philippines, Gloria Maritime and Agency Inc. is the sole manning agent of Sejin Marine Co. Ltd. headed by Mr. Jong Seop Choi. Presently, Gloria Maritime doubled its office staff and manned vessels and a plan for expansion is on its way. Gloria Maritime and Agency Inc., is still dedicated to the vision of our company that sparked and drove our company.


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