VXI Global Holdings B.V.



We are a trusted customer experience and contact center partner for the world’s leading brands. At VXI, we pride ourselves in helping our partners develop technologies and customer care services that enable them to engage with their customers in new ways that keep them at the forefront of their markets and ahead of the competition. We leverage our deep understanding of our clients’ challenges and opportunities, and we use our integrated technology to design and tailor connections between brands and customers, resulting in custom solutions that empower our clients to respond with agility to swiftly changing market trends and ever-increasing customer demands.


  • Negotiate win-win resolutions with stakeholders in healthcare and medical industry
  • Create lasting relationships with customers leading to corporate good will
  • Increase corporate satisfaction

Provide assistance related to online operations. Duties may include but not limited to customer and shop coordination and other back-office related workload (handling/answering phone calls and emails).


Product Development, and Embedded Solutions